Promotional Products To Market Toward Yoga Enthusiasts

If you want to raise the profile of your brand, promotional products can be a good idea to explore. While some companies favor customizing and handing out simple, everyday products such as pens, another strategy is to consider your market and then order products that your market will find handy. If you're targeting people who practice yoga, you'll want to find a promotional product company that carries a wide range of products that tie in with this activity. Here are three promotional business products that you can customize and order to hand out to yoga enthusiasts.

Yoga Mats

In yoga, there's no piece of equipment that is more important than the yoga mat. While every yoga practitioner will have their own mat, customizing mats that you can hand out is still a good idea. Some people will appreciate having two mats — perhaps one to take to classes at a local studio and the other to leave set up at home, for example. Others might stack their two mats together, as doing so provides more comfort for certain poses. Having your organization's name and logo appear tastefully on the edge of the mat can reinforce your brand to those who use it.

Yoga Water Bottles

Most people try to stay hydrated while they practice yoga; this can be especially important during certain types of yoga such as hot yoga. Most promotional product companies have water bottles that you can customize, and certain types will be popular among the yoga community. For example, something that is made of steel rather than plastic might be preferable for those who try to limit their use of plastics. You may also want something with a rubber or cork bottom, as it will be silent to set down when the class is quiet. 

Yoga Totes

When people visit a yoga studio for a class, they'll often arrive with a handful of accessories. Another good product to customize is a tote bag that is large enough to hold a variety of items. For example, it needs to hold a change of clothing, a water bottle, and various personal items. There are lots of yoga totes that you can customize. Something in a muted color that is made of natural fibers will typically be a popular choice for many yoga enthusiasts. Your name and logo can appear on one side of the tote in a size that suits you.