Three Companies That Should Give Out Promotional Gym Bags

Handing out promotional bags that feature the name and logo of your company can be a good way to keep your brand in peoples' minds. Many companies distribute cloth shopping bags and other bags that can be handy for all sorts of daily use, but you'll commonly find that promotional product companies carry many different bags for you to consider. One common option is a gym bag, which is a duffel-style bag that people use to carry their clothing and workout accessories to the gym. While any company could hand out promotional gym bags, doing so can be a particularly good idea if you run one of these organizations.

Sports Supplement Company

If you run a sports supplement company, it's a safe bet that the majority of your customers are taking an active interest in their health. Many of these people will be gym members who appreciate a new gym bag that is branded with your supplement company's information. There are lots of ways that you can distribute these bags. For example, you might have a monthly draw in which you give away one bag to a customer, or perhaps you could think about giving one away on social media when one of your social media channels reaches a specific milestone.

Sports Injury Clinic

This type of bag can also be a good promotional option to consider if you run a local sports injury clinic. In this healthcare-focused business, you'll often be dealing with people who are trying to return to good physical health after an injury. For many of these people, their injury is preventing them from exercising like they once did — but they're likely excited to be able to exercise again in the future. You can give branded gym bags to your long-term patients who complete their treatment plan with your clinic.

Personal Training Company

It can also be a good idea to order promotional gym bags if you run a personal training company. One option could be to give a bag to each new client when they sign up for a specific number of training sessions with one of your trainers. Upon doing so, the client and the trainer will be meeting in the gym, so you can expect that the client will be excited to start using their bag right away. Other people at the gym may see the bag and inquire about your training company, which could lead to more business for you.

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